LeAnn Rimes is upset about her busted gums, so she's seeking damages from her dentist. The country singer has filed a lawsuit against Dr. Duane C. McKay for misdiagnosis that led to tooth pain, gum bleeding, a list of mouth surgeries and general misery.

Fans who follow her on Twitter have seen tweets regarding her mouth pain over the last year or two. According to TMZ, Rimes has had to have nine root canals, bone grafting, a temporary bridge and physical therapy because of the work her dentist did. She says she will have a "permanent cosmetic deficiency."

The 'Borrowed' songstress is looking for damages for the physical and emotional pain she's suffered. It's not clear how much she's asking for, but her lawsuit includes a request for the loss of past and future earnings. The dental work is impeding her ability to perform, she says.

While Rimes has been in the news for more sensational reasons in recent months, 2013 promises to be a big year for her career. She'll release her new studio album, 'Spitfire,' on April 9.

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