Lee Brice’s new single ‘I Don’t Dance’ feels like a natural progression of this singer-songwriter’s career. It’s personal, like almost every song on the ‘Hard 2 Love’ album, but also powerful and experimental like Brice's early recordings. The power is provided in production, however -- a key difference between this ballad and others that relied solely on his vocal abilities.

An ethereal opening introduces Brice’s song and love letter to wife Sara. He penned this song for their wedding dance, and jokes (or maybe it’s not a joke) that she was upset that he performed it live beforehand.

I don’t dance but here I am / Spinning you ‘round and around in circles / It ain’t my style but I don’t care / I’d do anything with you anywhere / Yes you got me in the palm of your hand / ‘Cause I don’t dance,” Brice sings during each chorus.

The song builds slowly. What begins as a sparse, raw arrangement includes orchestral percussion by the time he gets to the second chorus. It’s the thump of a deep drum — perhaps a tympani — and loud cry of the pedal steel that provide the song’s signature and any emotional reaction that comes while listening. Brice holds back vocally, as he’s taken to doing on songs released after ‘Love Like Crazy.’

Love’s never come my way / I’ve never been this far / ‘Cause you took these two left feet / And waltzed away with my heart,” he shares during a simple second verse. The song is lyrically sparse, but full of sincerity. Like many songwriters, Brice isn’t afraid to share his heart with fans. That worked to the tune of a gold record with ‘Hard 2 Love,’ and it’s something he’s wise to keep utilizing.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's great to hear a man's man get emotional as the main character of this song does. Brice delivers yet another passionate, compelling vocal performance.

Key Lyrics: "Yes you got me in the palm of your hand / ‘Cause I don’t dance"

Did You Know?: Brice is hesitant to call this song a wedding song, although it clearly is. "It’s a tough guy being a tough guy going, ‘Look, I don’t dance, but I’ll dance with you, I’ll do whatever you want me to,’” he tells CBS Radio. He also admits that Sara is the boss in his household.

Listen to Lee Brice, ‘I Don’t Dance’

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