Songs like Lee Brice's new single 'Parking Lot Party' are easy to dismiss. It doesn't pack near as much punch as 'I Drive Your Truck,' but that's far from his intent. The South Carolina-raised singer is looking to add to the tailgate soundtrack, and at this he's successful. 

'Parking Lot Party' is a song best discovered on one's own instead of as a radio single that will get repetitive airplay. Summer is near, and that means summer concerts. Brice's tribute to what happens on the asphalt is mostly generic, sticking to familiar themes of beer, food and southern rock.

"Cause there ain't no party like the pre-party / And after the party is the after-party / At the parking lot party," he sings during each chorus of the fourth single from 'Hard 2 Love.'

The verses are lively and more detailed. "Well, the opening band is doin' sound-check (Man, they sound pretty good) / Hell, I ain't even bought no tickets yet / Yeah, but that's alright, we don't care / Cause all the pretty girls are sittin' right here / Kicking back in the lawn chairs," Brice adds during the second, before a bridge that's heavy on "Whoa."

'Parking Lot Party' is a good (but not great) party song, a sub-genre that rarely gets top ratings anyway. Phony crowd effects only obfuscate a simple song, and this jam would be better without that addition. Brice's quips between lines ("Yeah, 14 of 'em is mine" for example) are a charming bit of personality, but don't quite do enough to make this song memorable.

2.5 Stars

Listen to Lee Brice, 'Parking Lot Party' 

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