Lee Brice is a proud father of three--two boys, one girl. After having some time to process the birth of his first daughter in June, Brice recently shared with Taste of Country the differences between raising his sons and his new baby girl.

"At this age, the only thing that's different is she's so much sweeter," Brice tells Taste of Country. "The boys are running around crazy.

"I know there will be some things coming with a girl as they get older. I don't know. I didn't grow up with a sister," he relates. "I had a cousin, but we saw each other and played in the woods when we were kids. I had a brother, and I have uncles and uncles and uncles. I wasn't prepared for a girl."

Brice may not felt he was prepared for a little girl, but he's taking the initiative to ask his friends for advice on how to raise a strong daughter.

"One of my great songwriting friends and brothers, he has three girls, and they're grown and they love him and they trust him," Brice explains. "He created that trust where even if they were in trouble -- say at a party and they drank beer when they weren't supposed to, they knew they could call him and he wouldn't get mad at them. He'd come get them and take care of them."

He adds, "I just want to put a good head on my girl's shoulders and try to protect her as much as I can. This world is what it is a lot of times. We have to go about our days and do the best we can to raise our kids."

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