Sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella are also onscreen siblings on ABC's popular television drama Nashville , but the girls are not nearly as mean to each other in real life as they portray on the television show.

Lennon and Maisy play Maddie and Daphne Conrad on Nashville and in a brief clip are shown bickering as Maddie tries to convince her father to allow her to go to a concert at a "coffee shop." Meanwhile, Daphne knows for certain her older sister isn't going to a coffee shop for the show, so she attempts to bribe her from not revealing the truth by having her sister buy her something at an upscale clothing store in Nashville.

While Today show's Kathie Lee and Hoda express their love for the drama, they aren't pleased with how Lennon is treating her sister this season.

"I don't either!" Maisy, 12, says.

"I get it all out on the show though," Lennon, 16, explains. "It doesn't happen [in real life] because I get it all out."

The two sister admit that their fanbase has been upset at their constant arguing on the current season of the show, but assure them that they don't act like that in their everyday lives.

Lennon and Maisy rose to fame thanks to their YouTube channel, which has received more than 85 million views to date. The two sisters have always been a duo, as they grew up watching their parents sing together.

"Our parents are a duo and because they've always sang harmonies, we totally grew up on that," Lennon explains, adding that while Nashville has "definitely changed our lives," she still feels the same.

Nashville airs on Wednesday evenings on ABC.

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