Country newcomer and January's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist Lacy Cavalier says she grew up surrounded by strong country women. They were all over her radio! However, Faith Hill is one who had the greatest influence.

The Louisiana native thinks Hill is the epitome of what a strong, but still feminine, country female should be. “She did that whole powerful strong woman but was very genuine and authentic and sweet and carried herself very well," Cavalier says. "I actually looked up to that.”

The 19-year-old was in grade school as Hill enjoyed her greatest commercial success. Hits like "Breathe" and "This Kiss" made her one of country's most listened to artists of the early '00s. Later she'd return to her roots with songs like "Mississippi Girl" and "Sunshine and Summertime." While it's been a bit since the superstar released an album, she continues to be one of the genre's most influential females.

Quietly, Karen Fairchild is becoming the same. As one of two female singers in Little Big Town Fairchild isn't always under the spotlight, but Cavalier takes notice. As she talks, it's difficult not to notice how her hair color matches Fairchild's.

"The way she dresses, the way she brands herself — she’s an incredible singer, obviously,” she says. “I just look at her like, ‘Dang, she’s got it going on — I just like wanna be her when I grow up.”

Cavalier sang three songs at a recent Song Suffragettes show at the Listening Room in Nashville. All three were born out of a relationship that eventually turned sour. She talked to Taste of Country about that guy's sins, and the influence Chase Rice had on her life and career recently.

Every month Taste of Country features a rising female singer-songwriter, putting a spotlight on a talent the country music community needs to know more about. The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement was started in response to some of the obstacles women face in the industry. Look for performances every Monday night at the Listening Room in Nashville.

Watch Lacy Cavalier Sing "Flat Bill" 

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