Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus took home the MTV Video Music Award for Song of the Year for their "Old Town Road" remix on Monday (Aug. 26).

Nas donned his rhinestoned cowboy outfit to accept the award. He revealed that this is his first-ever award. "Thank you. Thank you so much. This is my first award ever. I want to say thank you to this man for helping me take my career to the next level," he said, pointing to Cyrus.

"I got a little speech," he told the crowd to which he unscrolled a five-foot long piece of paper, smiled, and said no more. The audience laughed, and he thanked them all for the award.

Cyrus then took the microphone, "I never dreamed I would be standing here tonight," he told the crowd. "Johnny Cash wrote me a letter and said it's good to be reminded where all goodness comes from all mighty God. I would like to thank God for this moment. I would like to thank you, the fans. Thank you. Thank y'all so much. God bless you."

Cyrus previously compared Nas to Waylon Jennings. “I just thought, ‘Wait, that's not fair,’” Cyrus told Nightline in response to Billboard excluding the song from its country charts. “Waylon being one of the greatest outlaws in the history of country music, and he said to me, ‘The definition of an outlaw is one who has been outlawed.’”

Earlier in the evening, Nas performed his follow up single, "Panini." The new song is a far cry from "Old Town Road," and is not country. During his performance, Nas poked fun at how many remixes of the song he recorded.

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