A new Lipton Iced Tea commercial, this one specifically for Lipton Tea and Honey mix, features country trio Lady Antebellum. They're spokespeople for the beverage brand, so they've been appearing in commercials promoting the drinks over the past few months. Their smash 'Just a Kiss' factors prominently into this spot.

In the 30-second ad, the trio is having a bad day, enduring a broken down bus on a scorching hot afternoon, which is certainly no fun for a touring band. But they don't let it get the best of 'em.

The threesome is sitting inside their vehicle, drinking iced tea when Hillary Scott says she has come up with an idea. Why waste time sweating in the heat and being bored when they can do what they do best and that's entertain people?

Lady A walk through the park, with Scott dropping off a few packets of Lipton Tea and Honey mix to people frolicking in the grass along the way. The band then hops atop of a picnic bench to sing an impromptu version of 'Just a Kiss,' the first single from 'Own the Night,' as fans gather around them. This is how the trio beats the heat.

Watch Lady Antebellum Lipton Iced Tea Commercial