Sometimes the music hits just right and you can't help but to fully embrace the mood. That appears to be exactly what happened with one of Kane Brown's youngest fans during a recent boat trip.

TikTok user Alexa Brennan uploaded a short clip of her 3-year-old daughter having the time of her life while singing along to Brown's duet with his wife Katelyn, "Thank God." The video is a take on the popular POV (point of view) trend that is designed to show off a very specific window into a person's life. For this version, the clips displays "POV your 3 year old loves Kane Brown" over the image of the tiny fan.

With her adorable blonde pigtails blowing in the wind, the toddler sings along to the words, all while not forgetting to cast her plastic fishing rod. While the girl is too young to fully understand the meaning behind the track, there's no denying that she loves it. Press play below to watch the little one jam out to the feel-good song:

"Thank God" marks the Browns' first official duet and debuts Katelyn's vocals to country listeners. The song has been widely accepted by fans and is enjoying major success on country radio, including being the most-added single during portions of September.

The Browns filmed a romantic video for "Thank God," which was shot in Hawaii and features scenes of the two of them driving through picturesque landscapes, dancing on the beach and genuinely enjoying each other's company.

Kane and Katelyn Brown celebrated four years of marriage earlier this October. They have two young children of their own, Kingsley and Kodi.

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