LoCash's "Ring on Every Finger" will be the song that truly breaks the hardworking country duo. The uptempo love song is a clever twist on a common country theme. The pop-leaning cut from The Fighters album is one another rising country star will be kicking himself for giving away.

Thomas Rhett co-wrote "Ring on Every Finger" (with Jesse Frasure and Josh Kear), but didn't have room for it on his last album. Don't underestimate the power of three top-tier songwriters on a song — obstacles tend to disappear when you've got important people on your side.

But honestly, LoCash probably wouldn't have needed the boost, as this infectious, melodic jam is sweeter and more addicting than Grandma's holiday cookies. Songs that invite a woman to love you back are hot right now — a result of radio's overload of testosterone-heavy country rockers that grab a woman by the wrist and drive off to a place where no one can hear her objections.

By contrast, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas come with over-the-top, almost saccharine overtures to prove they're worthy of this girl's hand in marriage. Lyrically the songwriters snap short, dynamic phrases into place like puzzle pieces. Repeat listens uncover new gems like "drop f-bombs like forever" at the song's bridge. A certain group of country fans will hate the beat-heavy arrangement, but artists like Rhett and Sam Hunt are proving those objections are nothing but the sign of a big hit on the horizon.

Did You Know?: The duo's last single "I Know Somebody" was their first ever No. 1 hit as performers.

Listen to LoCash, "Ring on Every Finger" 

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LoCash's "Ring on Every Finger" Lyrics:

"I've got a pounding in my chest baby / Feels like I'm 17 again / Got something burning a hole in my pocket lately Done asked your daddy, done told your friends."

"I ain't gettin down on one knee / Girl, I'm gettin on two / Might be over the top but I tell you what I'm gonna do."

"I'll put on a ring on every finger / Just to show that I'm legit / Gonna try my last name on ya girl / Just to see if it fits / If I could baby / Oh I would marry you a million times / Put a ring on every finger just to show the whole world that you are mine / Show the whole world that you're mine."

"Well Senorita, can't nothing be sweeter than you in that white wedding dress / Even the church and white limousine / Girl, why you cryin, it aint rocket science all you gotta do is say yes / Spend the rest of your life with me."

"Let's spend this life together / Dropping f bombs like forever / With the whole world as a witness / Gonna flip that Miss to a Mrs."

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