Luke Bryan's "Light It Up" lyrics explore how people's cell phones are becoming more and more central to their personal lives, and he explains the inspiration behind it in a new interview.

"People are breaking up with text messages, they're getting back with text messages ... they're just on their phones so much," he explains.

"It's just about a guy that's hanging on everything that's happening on his phone, and he's like, 'Please just light that screen up with your text message so we can get it back together.'"

Bryan collaborated with Old Dominion‘s Brad Tursi on the "Light It Up" lyrics and structure.

"Brad had the front part of the chorus," Bryan recalls. "He was like, 'I get so neurotic about ...,' and I was like, 'Neurotic? That's different. You've certainly never heard that word in a country song.'"

The "Light It Up" lyrics proceed to explain just how preoccupied the protagonist has become wth his phone, waiting for a reply.

"I get so neurotic about it baby / ‘Cause I know you’re reading your phone / I can’t help from going crazy / Thinking you might not be all alone / I wake up, I check it / I shower and I check it / I feel the buzz in my truck / And I almost wreck it / I always got it on me / Just in case you want me / So, if you’re looking for my love / Then light it up," Bryan sings.

Bryan wasn't entirely comfortable with "neurotic," but he became more comfortable as the songwriting session moved forward. The superstar credits Tursi with convincing him to stick with it when he wasn't sure.

"At that point we write the song, and he goes and does a great job demo-ing it," Bryan explains. "And here we are ... first single off a new album."

Bryan's next studio album is set to drop between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2017. No further details are available.

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