Brett Young's new song is a smash romantic ballad, but the "In Case You Didn't Know" lyrics were actually inspired by one of the writers' mom.

Young co-wrote “In Case You Didn’t Know” with Trent Tomlinson and Tyler Reeve during a songwriting retreat in Mexico. The "In Case You Didn't Know" lyrics were inspired by a story Tomlinson shared about his childhood.

"He said when he was a kid, every time he would leave the house, his mom would stop him on his way out the door, and she’d say, 'Trent, in case you didn’t know, I love you,'" Young tells the Boot.

"I thought, 'Wow, that’s such an everyday expression, obvious thing, that I think is overlooked,' because the fact of the matter is, women really need to hear 'I love you,' and men are really bad at remembering to say 'I love you.' And also, there’s that element of, nobody ever wants to lose a loved one — I know that’s dark — and then wish that they had said 'I love you' more."

Young says they wanted to write a song that applied to a wide range of people, and the "In Case You Didn't Know" lyrics certainly do.

"In case you didn't know / Baby, I'm crazy 'bout you / And I would be lying if I said / That I could live this life without you / Even though I don't tell you all the time / You had my heart a long long time ago / In case you didn't know," Young sings at the chorus.

"It ended up being a love story that we wrote, and we wanted everybody to be able to make it their love story," Young shares. "So we just kept it really simple and said what we would like to say to the person that we love, or we would like to hear back from the person that we love."

Young scored a No. 1 hit with his debut single, "Sleep Without You," and "In Case You Didn't Know" currently sits at No. 2 on Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart. Young shared an exclusive performance of the song (above) at the Taste of Country RISERS shoot in February, where he also sat down for an in-depth interview and a photo shoot.

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