Maddie & Tae have been kissing off country music's stereotypes of women ever since releasing their 2014 answer to "bro-country" cliches, "Girl in a Country Song." Now, the duo continue to offer a sharply-written female perspective, this time from the point of view of a newlywed introducing her spouse to all aspects of her personality, even the parts of her that she considers her flaws.

That's a perspective that both bandmates Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr come by honestly, as they got married in late 2019 and early 2020, respectively. The duo members agree that "Woman You Got" is the "most autobiographical song we've ever written," and while it features a less tongue-in-cheek, more sincere lyric than "Girl in a Country Song," Maddie & Tae's new single is every bit as anthemic and empowering.

The narrator in the song admits to being "kinda selfish" at times, as well as being a perfectionist (but not a perfect person) who can't hold their liquor and isn't the greatest cook on the planet. Despite all that, the biggest message of the song is one of commitment: It's a promise to a new husband to always fight for the relationship, and to value his love, no matter what.

On Instagram, Maddie & Tae described "Woman You Got" as "our sassy little love song to our hubbies," adding, "If you're wild, messy, flawed and ya love like hell ... now it's your sassy little love song, too."

"Woman You Got" is a feel-good mood-booster, especially coming after their last single, the cutting breakup ballad "Die From a Broken Heart," which hit No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart in August of 2020.

Did You Know?: Maddie & Tae might not have been going through romantic troubles when they wrote "Die From a Broken Heart," but the song was rooted in real heartbreak: They told The Boot in 2018 that they wrote it during a time when they were going through a difficult record label transition.

"[W]e were feeling broken and feeling defeated at this point in our career — maybe not in a relationship, but in our career, we were really, really having a hard time [with] the unknown and the uncertainty," they said.

WATCH: The Real Story Behind "Die From a Broken Heart"

Maddie & Tae's "Woman You Got" Lyrics: 

Baby, you put a ring on a wild thing / A whole lotta people watched it all go down / There's some things I gotta put out on the table / 'Cause time won't take its time to rat me out / I talk smack, I make messes / I win bread, I'm kinda selfish / Don't trust me in the kitchen / Don't dare me, I ain't chicken...


You say you love me / I know you love me / Love that you love me, baby / I know you know me / But if I know me /I'm gonna drive you crazy / The thing about me is I'm always getting better / And the truth is, boy, it might take forever, but / When it comes to loving you, I'm never gonna stop / And that's the kind of woman you got

I'm a constant roller coaster of emotions / And by the time you think you got 'em figured out / There's a layer underneath another layer / Will they ever end? I even have my doubts / I lose my phone, can't hold my liquor / To a fault, I ain't a quitter / I like dogs, I'm a collector / I ain't perfect, I'm a perfecter 

Repeat Chorus

Baby, you put a ring on a wild thing...

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