Maren Morris is no overnight success. The Texas native has been penning songs for years, eventually deciding to pack up her things and moved to Nashville to focus on songwriting full-time.

Since her move to Music City three years ago, Morris has achieved more than she ever dreamed.

"It seems like almost every day I've been able to cross things off my bucket list," she tells People. "It was March of last year that I wrote 'My Church,' and that's what set a lot of this in motion."

Last week, Morris found herself onstage with two country legends — Keith Urban and Vince Gill — during the sixth annual All for the Hall concert, which benefitted the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Urban and Gill both played in the backing band during Morris' performance.

"I'm just singing, but looking back and seeing Keith and Vince both singing harmonies to lyrics I've written," she explains, "It's just so, so crazy. It's like a dream."

Another dream was learning that Urban wanted Morris to join him on his summer Ripcord Tour with Brett Eldredge.

"It felt like a prank just for a second," she admits. "I didn't even have an EP out yet on iTunes. It was just on Spotify. I think he listened to 'My Church' and '80's Mercedes,' and he was like, who wrote those songs? And they're like, she did!"

Later, she'd also receive a text from Dierks Bentley asking her to duet on his song "I'll Be the Moon," which is featured on his forthcoming album Black.

"I want to be as gracious and thankful as I can because it has been a long road," Morris adds. "I'm young but I've been doing this a long time … There's obviously a lot of hard work that goes into it. It's a hard town. There's a lot of talent here. It's all about timing, too. I just feel like I finally found the right town and the right song."

Morris' debut album Hero will be released on June 3.

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