Maren Morris is becoming a voice of a generation with her genre-bending music. She started her career as a songwriter, but after putting herself out there as an artist, fans began to flock to her relatable lyrics and distinctive voice.

Morris' voice is undeniably special, but her strength as a writer lies in her ability to write both vulnerable ballads and powerful, empowering statements. She also has proven her ability to transcend genres, having slowly but surely become an all-genre festival staple and having scored a major dance hit thanks to a 2018 collaboration. Additionally, Morris is part of the newly-formed supergroup the Highwomen.

The following are Morris' Top 5 songs, taking into account fan reactions, radio success and the opinions of Taste of Country staff.

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    "80's Mercedes"

    From 'Hero' (2016)

    The perfect song to listen to while driving exists, and it's Morris' "80's Mercedes." Though she sings about a Mercedes, Morris does not, in fact, own one -- "[b]ut I'd love to have a white convertible like Richard Gere's in American Gigolo," she tells Billboard.

    "I think I’m more of a road person," Morris adds to Taste of Country. "I love taking drives. I get a lot of my inspiration for songs there."

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    "I Could Use a Love Song"

    From 'Hero' (2016)

    It's not often that a ballad by a female artist gains a cult following, but Morris defied that stereotype with "I Could Use a Love Song." Once her album was nearly completed, her co-writers asked what else it needed — and this No. 1 hit was born.

    "I said, 'You know, everything's not about love,' she recalls to the Boot. "I wasn't really going through that I guess, so everything is pretty centered, and the point of view is from my own. It's not a heartbreak record totally.' And they were like, 'But you could use a love song on the record?'"

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    "My Church"

    From 'Hero' (2016)

    "My Church" was Morris' breakthrough song, earning the then-rising star her first Grammy Awards nomination, for Best Country Solo Performance. The inspiration for the song came after a breakup. Morris co-wrote the track in Los Angeles with famed writer and producer Busbee, and that's the the McCrary Sisters — who, by the way, also sang with Johnny Cash! — singing background.

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    "The Middle" (with Zedd and Grey)

    Single (2018)

    Morris' first crossover hit was swift. She recorded her vocals in Nashville alongside EDM artist and producer Zedd only weeks before the song debuted — because Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello and Anne-Marie had all been considered for the spot previously. In fact, the duo Grey admit that they had no idea who Morris was prior to hearing her powerful vocals.

    The whole thing worked like a charm, though: The song was nominated for three Grammys during the 2018 awards show and earned the trio of acts a hit on multiple charts and in multiple countries.

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    From 'Girl' (2019)

    "Girl" has become an anthem for women everywhere. The inspiration for the inspiring song came when Morris was writing a letter to a friend who was at a low point, but soon realized that she was also writing for herself. The music video for the track is just as powerful as its vocals and lyrics, showing different women dealing with their own issues at different stages of their lives.

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