Matt Stell knew the world needed a bit of a laugh — heck, he needed one himself — so, he created the music video for his new song “If I Was a Bar.” He had a blast doing it, too.

“It was so much fun,” Stell says about the video shoot for the song, which follows his No. 1 single "Prayed for You" and his still-climbing second single "Everywhere But On." “We basically took different aspects of my personality and turned them up to 11 for this. Doing it reminded me of some of my favorite scenes in my favorite movies.

In his new music video, Stell plays the roles of 13 different characters, from “cool guy Matt” to “post-breakup Matt” to “drummer Matt.” And while the video treatment allowed Stell to let out some pent-up creativity during the novel coronavirus pandemic, there was another reason why he decided to proceed with the music video in this specific way.

Due to social distancing restrictions, he was only allowed three crew members on set at Nashville's Fleet Street Pub during the music video shoot. One of them had to be the video's director, Dustin Haney, which left little room for any extras.

"If anyone tells you there’s too many Matts in this video, well, that’s negativity you just don’t need in your life," Stell jokes in a Instagram post about the video:

The song itself is custom-made for a night out on the town. "The second I heard it, I loved it," Stell says.

"It’s a fun, loud country song made to be played live in front of a rowdy crowd," he adds. "I’ve been looking forward to sharing this song with people since the day I cut it."

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