The Moonshine Bandits knew major country video networks would be prone to ignoring their debut music video, but they went ahead and made it anyway. Dusty Dahlgren says the band didn't want to sacrifice their artistry. "Our music doesn't follow the rules or boundaries so we don't fall into a particular genre, but this song is an anthem for all the outlaws we have met on the road," Dahlgren tells Taste of Country.

'For the Outlawz' is a coming out party for what Moonshine Bandits call "Cali-country." The band's biography describes the sound as "Johnny Cash meets the Beastie Boys" and they've gathered up fans in Danny Boone from Rehab and Colt Ford. Ford is featured throughout the video, and even gets a solo near the end.

"Colt's success proves there is a market and a fanbase for our style of music," Dahlgren says. "It's a huge step and movement for a new brand of music which combines elements of hip-hop and country and rock.  Nobody thought Johnny Cash was country when he came out, hell, people didn't know if he was country, rockabilly or what."

The four-minute long clip is edgy, and fans should be warned that this unedited version contains explicit language. The visuals aren't those regular CMT or GAC watchers will be used to.

Dahlgren says the abandoned hospital they filmed in has a reputation for being haunted. "After we wrapped up filming, we took a short tour down the dark and lonely halls of the abandoned hospital. There were old gurneys, old psych patient records, and we even went into the morgue. It has a ton of eerie characteristics. There were some close encounters with who knows what in there."

Look for 'For the Outlawz' on the group's 'Whiskey and Women' album.

Watch the Moonshine Bandits 'For the Outlawz' Video (Warning: Explicit Language)