Justin Moore gets the dog, Carl Edwards gets the girl. In Moore's just released video for 'Bait a Hook,' Edwards' pretty boy shows up the country singer. He's got a bigger boat, a bigger truck and in the end a bigger fish. It's Moore's funniest video since his debut single 'Back That Thing Up.'

It's not clear who the well-manicured new boyfriend of Moore's ex-love is for the first half of the video. Moore sings the song from an old fishing boat, with his yellow lab at his side. Meanwhile, we watch a tall, dimpled man get his nails trimmed, put on a well-pressed suit and take questions at a press conference before speeding away in his white Ford Mustang.

The funniest part of the video may be when Edwards shows up at the lake. He jumps out of the truck with his cute, dark-haired lover to be followed by a boat pit-crew that tweaks the motor and shines up the hull before backing him into the water. Stick around to the very end to watch a funny back-and-forth between the country singer and the NASCAR driver.

Watch the Justin Moore 'Bait a Hook' Video