The latest episode of the hit ABC drama 'Nashville' featured less original music than any of the others so far. There weren't any cuts from mainstream country acts either, leaving many wondering what artists were played between important scenes in Season 1, Episode 4, titled 'We Live in Two Different Worlds.' 

Below is the full list of songs used in the fourth episode of 'Nashville.' Only Rayna James' 'Changing Ground' originated on the show, and she played the cut at husband's Teddy's mayoral fundraiser. Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) was offstage dealing with the fallout of her lipstick theft, while Gunnar and Scarlett (Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen) weren't making magic together on or off stage. It was a suspenseful episode, but not the most musical in the series' short history.

'Nashville' Season 1, Episode 4 Song List:

Lindi Ortega, 'Murder of Crows'
Sugar & the Hi-Lows, 'This Can't Be the Last Time'
Trent Dabbs, 'Ammunition'
Los Compesinos!, 'By Your Hand'
Sherrie St. Germain, 'Hit the Road'
AgesandAges, 'Alright You Restless'
Rayna James, (Connie Britton), 'Changing Ground' ('Nashville' Original)