Nashville is undergoing some changes as it launches into Season 5, and not just with the change in network. Now that the show is on CMT, the showrunners say they will take the opportunity to revamp some aspects, including allowing more time for music.

“First thing we mandated was shorter scripts, so there’s time for the music to play out,” says Marshall Herskovitz, the co-showrunner in a new behind-the-scenes clip.

He adds that he wants to explore “the depth and the complexity of the relationships instead of just feeling you needed to have incident piling on incident.” In a show that’s become known for its high-stakes dramatic events, this change should be an interesting shift of focus.

Many of the stars have commented on their excitement for the new season and to be on CMT, including Lennon Stella (of Lennon and Maisy).

“Honestly, I think it feels better,” Stella says in another sneak peek video.

“It kind of feels, in some ways, like a new show,” adds Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery Barkley.

Herskovitz agrees. “To tell you the truth, I’m happier to be on CMT,” he says, citing the expectations that come along with being on one of the big four networks and his fandom for country music.

Nashville Season 5 is slated to premiere on its new network Jan. 5, 2017. Most of the main cast members are returning, though there have been rumors that Connie Britton, who plays Rayna James, may be leaving halfway through.

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