Runaway June member Jennifer Wayne was driving her car, minding her own business, when country artist Nate Barnes’ debut single, “You Ain’t Pretty,” came on the radio. From that moment on, she was nothing short of enamored by the romanticism of it all.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is what every girl would want to hear,'" Wayne explains in a behind-the-scenes clip from the set of Barnes' “You Ain’t Pretty” music video, exclusively available now on Taste of Country.

“The essence of the song is talking about how beautiful that girl really is,” explains Barnes, who ended up casting Wayne as his leading lady in the video after meeting her at a NASCAR race last year. “It’s about her inner beauty and really building that confidence with that woman.”

Filmed in a quaint neighborhood in East Nashville and directed by Matthew Paskert, Barnes' "You Ain't Pretty" music video is downright charming. In the clip, a hard-working girl (played by Wayne) is seen looking in the mirror at her perceived imperfections, while her husband (played by Barnes) can only see her beauty, both inside and out.

As the behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot shows, Barnes dove headfirst into the music video's storyline. There's no indications that it was, in fact, his first acting job captured on film.

“My character just wants to be there for her,” Barnes tells Taste of Country. “So, I put together this low-key, romantic dinner in the backyard to let her know how much I appreciate her.”

Behind the scenes, Barnes lent a helping hand with just about every aspect of the shoot, from stringing lights to setting up the romantic dinner at the conclusion of the music video.

The romantic notions of "You Ain't Pretty" and its accompanying music video are already being appreciated by a slew of star-crossed fans. The song has earned more than 14 million streams on TikTok and surpassed 400K streams on Spotify alone.

“My mom just always told me to keep believing in yourself and in your dreams, and don’t give up, no matter how low you feel and no matter how low you think you are and no matter how far that dream is,” reflects Barnes, a Michigan native who was working at a nuclear power plant shortly before signing his record deal with Quartz Hills Records. “I’m telling you, it ain’t over.”

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