Old Dominion's 'Shut Me Up' might just be the perfect song to end the summer. A sound that's pure country rock with the perfect hint of an infectious pop hit. Lyrics that are quintessential country and completely fresh. A group that stays true to all that we love about country music and reshapes the mold in fun and clever ways. Basically, 'Shut Me Up' is a blend of everything that's good.

The debut single from this five-piece outfit from Nashville, 'Shut Me Up' is buzzing around country radio for good reason. While lots of songs cater more towards a specific audience, Old Dominion's catchy song sounds like something everyone will love. Like many other country hits before it, 'Shut Me Up' is about the hopeless life of a hopeless romantic who just won't be able to quit talking about his girl until she shuts him up -- with a kiss.

"I can't get you off the tip of my tongue, / You're running through my head again / Like one of those summer singalong songs / I play you once and you get stuck and then / I'm either talking about you or thinking about you / Or running my mouth about being without you to all my friends."

While the theme of 'Shut Me Up' may not be the most original, Old Dominion more than make up for it in their witty lyrics and by singing with a quick and clever cadence that will have girls swooning without the band sounding too sappy. Even better, with a vocal and instrumental performance that has more edge than heart, male fans will be just as quick to embrace 'Shut Me Up.' It's a song that somehow seems to effortlessly walk the line between classic country, modern rock and just a hint of irresistible, totally danceable pop.

The hard-rock vibe of 'Shut Me Up' instantly grabs listeners in the first heavy drum beats and guitar chords and is on full display during the electric guitar-heavy bridge. Fans won't find twang here, but that sure doesn't mean 'Shut Me Up' isn't country. In fact, it's one of the most fun, catchy and genuinely great country songs we've heard this summer.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Shut Me Up' is the perfect blend of edgy rock and sweet sentiment -- a long song that will have fans rocking out and hitting repeat into the fall.

Key Lyrics: "Shut me up by showing up / With strawberry stuff on your lips you know I like so much / Just a little kiss will do the trick / Give me something else to do with my lips / Cause I go on and on when you're gone / You're the only one who can shut me up."

Did You Know?: Old Dominion may be an up-and-coming act, but they're full of talent that fans have been enjoying for years. Before stepping out as a group on their own, the members of Old Dominion write songs used by the Band Perry, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley.

Listen to Old Dominion, 'Shut Me Up':

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