Can you guess which one of these animals is real and which one is stuffed? That's Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott with her real pet and a new stuffed animal. At a glance, it's tough to tell which is which... until you realize that it's unlikely she'd have a miniature lamb -- Lamb Chop, to be exact -- as a pet. To the best of our knowledge, Lilliput wasn't on the trio's tour itinerary.

"Here we are...Hobbs has a new girlfriend! Lamb Chop!" Scott tweeted last week.

Hobbs is the fluffy pup Scott is holding up with a stuffed Lamb Chop. All three seem to be in about as good of a mood as possible, each with their bright smiles and fluffy hair. The 'We Owned the Night' singer got the too-cute-for-words dog last last year before marrying her husband. Personally, we love the pooch about as much as we love the band -- maybe more.