Pistol Annies are seeking heat with their debut single, 'Hell on Heels.' The trio -- Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe -- are dead serious about the project standing on its on two feet, er, heels. In a chat with radio station US99.5, Lambert was adamant that she doesn't want this project to become "Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annies," She gushed about her talented bandmates, saying, "It's different than 'Miranda Lambert.' These girls needed to be in the spotlight a long time ago."

Presley came up with the title and idea for 'Hell on Heels' long before the genesis of the Annies. She tucked it in her back pocket for a long time. "I kept waiting for the right person to write it with," she said. Then when she hooked up with Lambert and Monroe, it was the right people and the right time. The Annies revealed that they strung the song together in 30 minutes on a bus. Lambert revealed, "We have a rule on the first record that we wanted to write every single song, so we have 10 songs that we wrote together."

The Annies each have a nickname, too. Presley is Holler Annie since "I am from eastern Kentucky and am a coal miner's daughter and grew up in a holler." Monroe is Hippie Annie. "I am all love. I am a hillbilly hippy, from east Tennessee," she said. "I do yoga while watching 'Cops.' I've always been the peacemaker." Lambert is Lone Star Annie, since "I am from Texas. People hate us because we're so proud," she said. All of the Annies went on a hunt together, with Presley having shot a turkey that they all ate.

Interestingly, Lambert's new husband Blake Shelton is an honorary Annie, too. "He co-wrote 'Family Feud' so we had to name him an honorary Annie," Lambert said. "He's a 'Pistol Andy.' He felt left out, but we included him."