Five of the most up-and-coming female artists in Nashville paid tribute to one of country music's hottest female artists by covering RaeLynn's hit, "Love Triangle," during a recent Song Suffragettes performance.

Nora Collins, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Marisa McKaye and Lucy Scholl were on the bill for the #LetTheGirlsPlay gig at the listening Room in Nashville on May 8. For LTGP veterans like Shorr and Stone, it was one of many such nights, but McKaye's appearance marked a first for the Song Suffragettes; the 12-year-old singer-songwriter, who is set to appear on America's Got Talent soon, is the youngest performer in LTGP history.

Shorr starts the song off as she so often does in the covers series, delivering the opening lyrics in a soft voice as she voices the song's unique chord progression on acoustic guitar. Scholl takes the second part of the first verse, and Stone takes the pre-chorus, building up to a big showcase moment for McKaye.

The young singer owns her spot on the stage as well as any singer there with her handling of the chorus, which strikes a perfect balance between power and emotion that seems well beyond her years. Collins gets her turn to shine as well, and all of the singers bring their voices together in big group harmonies for the choruses before Shorr brings it right back down to just her voice and guitar for the ending, which draws huge applause from the crowd.

#LetTheGirlsPlay launched a few years ago as a way to help even the odds for female singer-songwriters in Nashville, who face a unique uphill struggle. Taste of Country has always been a staunch advocate for women in country music, and each week you'll find a new cover, as well as a featured artist every month. Our most recent featured artist is Savannah Keyes.

Kalie Shorr was involved with Song Suffragettes before she scored with "Fight Like a Girl" on SiriusXM, and Taste of Country recently chose her as one of our RISERS for 2017. Take a look at her exclusive performance of "Nothin' New" below.

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