The wonderful thing about RaeLynn’s debut EP ‘Me’ is that she makes no apologies for who she is. The five-song release is diverse, original and absolutely sure to further upset haters that were quick to take aim at her after ‘The Voice.’

Her fans will love it. In fact, they’ll want more. Approach this talented newcomer with an open mind and you’ll find sharp songwriting, clever melodies and a needed new female voice for country music to embrace. Aside from the single ‘God Made Girls,’ the signature song is ‘Better Do It.’

“I’m not the cry type / I’m not the whine type / I’m not the wait around a little while you find time type / I’m not the pretty please / Don’t leave me / I’m the one that takes the bull by the horns,” she sings during this funky, guitar-driven groove that doesn’t back off from modern production techniques.

“Ain’t no girl in the USA / That wants a little boy who’s always afraid / I’m gonna get to leavin’ / Better figure out what you’re feeling.”

Joey Moi is at the helm, showing some range himself. His arrangements leave plenty of air -- he’s truly tailored a sound just for her.

The divisive ‘Boyfriend’ returns. ‘Kissin’ Frogs’ and ‘Careless’ are the other two songs, the latter being the safest of the five. The songs that are missing stand out. Miranda Lambert’s tour opener has been playing nearly a dozen songs live and had previously hinted the emotional ‘Love Triangle’ (about her parents’ divorce) would make the cut. She told ToC her next single will not come from this EP, however, so there’s hope that beautiful song will find the ears it deserves soon enough.

Key Tracks: 'God Made Girls,' 'Better Do It'

Did You Know?: RaeLynn co-wrote all five songs.

Watch RaeLynn Perform 'God Made Girls' Acoustic

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