The poignant final song on Randy Houser's new 'How Country Feels' album is as personal as any the singer has ever recorded. During an interview with Taste of Country, the singer revealed that 'Route 3 Box 250D' -- a song about growing up with an abusive stepfather -- is absolutely true. 

"There's nothing about it that's not spot on," Houser said after sharing that the song's title was his actual address. He begins by describing the mobile home he lived in, before sharing the trauma he lived through.

"Well the man my mama married / Had a mean streak in his blood / And when he took to drinking / He'd take it out on us / And I could hear my mama crying / That made it hard to sleep," Houser sings during the second verse.

"The song is probably more therapeutic for me in letting go of something that was not a great time in my life," the singer adds. "Probably more of that than me trying to … you know, I know it's not a hit but it's a time to let fans into my world a little bit more."

"Thank God for Buford Bailey / He had a pond he'd let me fish / That's where I'd run off to / Every chance I'd get / And I would pray that God was listening / And he'd come rescue me / Route 3 Box 250D." Buford Bailey, Houser says, was his stepfather's uncle. While the early lyrics are difficult to stomach, the ballad leaves one with a smile.

Houser wrote seven of the songs on 'How Country Feels' after having written almost all of his first two albums. "I just had so much going on in my personal life this year I didn't really have the time like I normally do to just write," he says, referring to his new wife and 10-month-old son.

"The great thing was, I have such great support with all my songwriter buddies in town, and them bringing me their good material," Houser reveals. "Some of the best songwriters in the world are all my best buddies."

'How Country Feels' hits stores Jan. 22.