While many guys may not enjoy the acts of picking out songs or appetizers for their wedding, Randy Houser says he’s actually had fun during the process. He and his fiancee tell People they like to do everything together, including choosing specific elements for the wedding.

"Making decisions together and planning a day that feels like 'us,' " Houser says when asked about his favorite part. "We like to do absolutely everything together so it has been really fun visiting venues and going to tastings."

Houser, 40, and his fiancee, Tatiana Starzynski, 22, have been engaged for a year, and plan to marry in May in Nashville. Houser's 4-year-old son from his previous marriage will serve as the ring bearer — just one of the things that will make the ceremony and reception feel like a representation of who the couple is.

"We want every part of the day to feel like ‘us,' and be a time to celebrate the fact that we both found our best friend and soul mate with our closest friends and family,” he says.

As the resident musician in the soon-to-be family, Houser was of course in charge of choosing the band, as well as the music — including one very special tune.

"I have also written and recorded a song for the first dance which Tatiana will not hear until the day,” he gushes.

Starzynski says her gown is being custom made by an Australian company, and she will not see it until a few days before the ceremony.

"Although it is a little nerve-racking not having any fittings or meetings in person, I know that everything they create is a work of art and my dress will be no different,” she explains.

The couple add they’re most looking forward to “the kiss” at the ceremony.

Houser and Starzynski got engaged last April in a laid-back proposal while at home watching T.V., which Houser wouldn’t want any other way.

"I just felt like it was the right time," says Houser. "I walked to the closet and came back with the ring, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. It was just perfect for us!"

The artist released his new album Fired Up March 11, a collection of a whopping 17 tracks, five of which he wrote himself.

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