Randy Houser can remind everyone he's an elite country vocalist whenever he wants to, and with "What Whiskey Does," he wants to. It's a stunning country vocal that feels effortless.

"What Whiskey Does" is also a return to a traditional country sound that Houser has played with, but not completely committed to, throughout a nearly decade-long career. "Anything Goes" and "Like a Cowboy" were both triumphant ballads that left fans comparing him to Ronnie Dunn. In between, he's released more mainstream fodder that's netted him No. 1 hits but not the same level of respect. This song, Houser's first radio single in two years, feels like an announcement that he's found a style he can commit to.

Perhaps that's premature, but one can hope, and there is a big ol' hole on and off the radio for a great traditional artist with progressive interests (structurally, this song is well-suited for radio). Houser can sing the shorts off every other modern male vocalist, and he's a dead-serious storyteller. When he leans into those talents as he does during "What Whiskey Does," he's without comparison.

Did You Know?: That's Hillary Lindsey singing with Randy Houser on "What Whiskey Does."

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Randy Houser, "What Whiskey Does" Lyrics:

I’m gonna light one up and sit right here / I’m gonna drink this hole in the wall out of beer / And when that ice cold beer loses it’s buzz / I’m gonna let that whiskey do what whiskey does.

Maybe it’ll make me lose my mind / Maybe it’ll help me forget this time / Maybe it’ll make me put my fist through a wall / Make me pick up the phone and give you a call / Maybe it’ll take me somewhere I’ve never been / Make the world stand still, make the whole room spin / Make me dance, make me cry / Hell I don’t know, but I know tonight …

Maybe it’ll buy this bar a round / Or turn my ass upside down / Maybe it’ll make me a fly on the wall / Or stand me up, 10-feet tall / Maybe it’ll take me to a better place, or put a smile back on my face / Maybe it’ll make me hate myself, or fall in love with somebody else.

Maybe it’ll talk me off the edge I’ve been on lately / Maybe it’ll heal me, maybe it’ll kill me, yeah maybe.

Sometimes I sit here just because / I wanna let that whiskey do what whiskey does.

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