After news of Randy Travis' 1:30AM arrest on a charge of suspicion of public intoxication circulated this morning, Travis came out with a public apology for his actions. In a statement to the Associated Press, the country singer offered his sincerest apologies for "what resulted following an evening of celebrating the Super Bowl," assuring that he's "committed to being responsible and accountable" in the future.

What resulted following Travis' Super Bowl celebrating was that he somehow ended up outside a Baptist church looking (and smelling) suspicious. As we reported earlier today, Tom Reedy of the Denton Country Sheriffs Department explained the incident to reporters.

“A report of a suspicious vehicle was called in to Sanger police,” said Reedy. Police go to investigate and find him smelling like alcohol and [he] had an open bottle of wine. He was arrested in front of a Sanger Baptist Church.” After six hours in a county jail to sober up, Travis was released with a Class C misdemeanor and sent on his way.

This month, the longtime hitmaker is kicking off his 25th Anniversary Celebration Tour to commemorate his career spanning a quarter century. Let's just hope the tour celebration goes better than his Super Bowl celebration last night.

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