Rascal Flatts just released the music video for their single 'Banjo,' which hails from their upcoming record 'Changed,' available everywhere April 3. In the clip, the guys seem to be having a good time, each playing a different part. Gary LeVox steps into the shoes of a bus driver, taking the wheel of a downtown Nashville tourist bus that has 'Music Line Tours' emblazoned on the side.

Joe Don Rooney plays the part of a lawyer, stepping up in a courtroom and announcing, "I am here today to defend the honor of the banjo." Jay DeMarcus is an astute looking college professor, lecturing his students at the beginning of the video on theories of sound and the motivation behind music. And it all leads back to the banjo.

The banjo music is personified by a beautiful girl playing a banjo in a white linen dress in the middle of nowhere, nestled in a cabin out on a bunch of land. Like a man following a siren's call, everyone in the video drops what they're doing and follows the sound of the banjo, either hopping onto LeVox's tour bus or dancing out of Rooney's court room or leaving DeMarcus' classroom with him.

The video is made even more playful by the shots of LeVox off-roading in the small bus. In footage, which looks like what you'd see on a commercial for a manly pickup truck, the lead singer bounces all around in his mini-bus singing into the intercom: "And you kick it into four wheel drive when you run out of road / And you go, and you go and you go-go-go / ‘Til you hear a banjo."

Watch the Rascal Flatts 'Banjo' Video

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