Rascal Flatts' guitarist Joe Don Rooney has always been on the leading edge of country fashion, so we'll cut him some slack and assume that the outfit he has on at the 2001 ACM Awards put him in a number of 'Best Dressed' lists. A decade of country hits has chiseled his then boyish face into one women scream for on a nightly basis. A model wife has no doubt helped him stay on top of his fashion game, although there's little doubt his two kids will giggle when they see this back-when picture of Dad.

Knit sweaters and gold spikes must have been what all the cool kids were wearing 11 years ago. Bandmates Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus also looked a little different after eight studio albums and 11 No. 1 hits, but neither have gone through as many haircuts as Rooney.