One song on Roger Miret and the Disasters' most recent album, 'Gotta Get Up Now,' stands out amongst the rest. 'JR' is the lone country standard amongst a mix of punk rockers. In this world premiere of the video for 'JR,' fans of the New York hardcore frontman -- known for his work with the Disasters as well as Agnostic Front -- get a glimpse of him as a family man.

The two-minute long video focuses on Miret first as a musician, and then as a father. Fans catch a glimpse of Miret's family life as his two children dance around while he strums a guitar. His son wears a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, and his daughter wears a flowery outfit while keeping beat on a tambourine. It's a scene from any childhood gone right.

Miret tells Taste of Country he wrote the song for his unborn son two years ago. "It's really amazing to know that the one person you love more than anything else in this world, including yourself, is carrying your child ... a child made out of the love that both you and your wife share for each other," Miret shares. "I had some pretty hard times growing up, and fell on some even harder times as an adult. I wanted to write a song that my son could listen to when things got tough and know that there will always be someone there for him when life takes that unexpected turn, as it so often does."

Lyrically, 'JR' is a tender deviation from what fans of the Disasters and Agnostic Front are used to. He sings, "I hope you take journeys far and wide / Because we can't teach you everything / You gotta find some of that inside / But even when we're gone it will still ring true / Mama loves you / And your daddy too."

"I wanted him to know that I will always be proud of him, and always stand behind him no matter what direction he decides to take his life in, the way my family stood behind me," Miret says.

Watch the World Premiere of the Roger Miret and the Disasters 'JR' Video