Being the daughter of country music legend Ronnie Dunn must have its share of perks, right? Apparently, getting out of tickets isn't one of them.

During a traffic stop a couple of years ago, noting that she was the daughter of one member of Brooks & Dunn couldn't help the younger Dunn walk away from a speeding ticket scot-free.

“Her and some of her girlfriends had cut through Belle Meade to get to our house and the police stopped her," the country singer recalls to Taste of Country Nights. "I mean, if you go two miles over the speed limit, you get a ticket. And the officer says, 'Is your dad a singer? Ronnie Dunn?’ And she goes, 'Yes, sir."

Surely this was the point when she expected the police officer to dismiss her with a friendly wave, but no. "He hands her back her license and he comes back with the ticket," Dunn says, laughing as he recalls the memory.

"He was like, ‘I’m not a fan.’ That's cold! She was embarrassed as all get out. He wasn't a country music fan," he adds.

Granted, Dunn says they aren't the type of family that uses their famous last name to get any special treatment.

"My daughter was trying to get tickets to Tyler Childers," her dad says. "She hit me up about it about a month ago and I forgot about it and she came in this morning and was like, 'The tickets are all sold out everywhere.' She wanted to see him at the Ryman (Auditorium)."

"We don't do that," Dunn adds to clarify, "We don't play that card — or at least, not that I am aware of."

Dunn heads out on Brooks & Dunn’s Reboot Tour starting in May.

Listen to Ronnie Dunn's Interview With ToC Nights:

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