Although he seemed a little embarrassed to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge, Ronnie Dunn couldn't escape it forever. His funny video includes a nomination for Chris Gaines -- Garth Brooks' alter ego -- to do the challenge, in addition to George Strait and Alan Jackson.

Dunn used his Facebook page to share the video, straight from his farm. "At the farm working with the boys and got called out by Jay McGraw," the classic star writes. "I feel ridiculous, but it's for a good cause."

Dunn looks nervously around before the water is dumped on his head from his above. He's one country singer who doesn't ever need an introduction, but it's how he begins the video anyhow.

"I'm Ronnie Dunn, country singer, and I'm accepting the ALS challenge from Jay McGraw," he starts.

McGraw is a producer on the daytime TV show 'The Doctors' (you are likely familiar with his famous father, Dr. Phil McGraw). Dunn passes on the task to his fellow country icons while standing under the bucket, but doesn't have much faith in the three men he challenges.

"I'm gonna challenge George Strait, they won't do this," he says, pointing at the camera. "Alan Jackson, he won't do this either and I'm gonna call out. .. Chris Gaines."

Before he can even fully finish his laughter, the ice cold water is dumped on Dunn's head from high above. He yells a little, soaking wet, before brushing his hair back.

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