Find three country girls singing a cowboy song in Runaway June's "Wild West," their follow-up to "Lipstick." An imaginative arrangement is only topped by vivid imagery during this accessible, radio-friendly, sure hit.

Sometimes "radio friendly" is code for "vanilla," but that's not the case with "Wild West." The trio's mellifluous harmonies help separate them from what's popular, but Runaway June's ernest longing for a warm love — a forever love — is unique. Rich, patient vocals allow room for one's own emotions to sway with the steel guitar and drums. Their vintage metaphors are still familiar.

"Wild West" is a true country song, and the trio have the cowboy cred to carry such a title. Billy Montana and Justin Lantz helped singer Jennifer Wayne write this song, but it's not complete until Naomi Cooke and Hannah Mulholland add their interpretation. Together they are one voice.

The '90s Have Never Sounded So Good!

Did You Know?: "Wild West" name-checks John Wayne, who is Runaway June singer Jennifer Wayne's grandfather.

Runaway June's "Wild West" Lyrics:

Baby you could steal my heart like Jesse James / Come in guns blazing just like ol' John Wayne / Nows your chance to save the girl, better take it 'fore it's gone / Yeah, you better get your boots on.

And love me like the wild wild wild west / Ride me off in the sunset / Outlaws makin' a run for it / Well come on boy, make a run for it / Keep me by your side all night and hold me tight / Like a pearl handle 45 / Just let me be the whiskey on you breath / Love me like the wild wild wild west.”

I wanna feel like we jumped a train to Santa Fe / Like we're desperadoes makin' our get away / Wanna hideaway on some prairie underneath a blanket of stars / And just get lost in you arms.

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