Russell Dickerson has possibly written one of the sweetest love songs in country music. Inspired by his wife of four years, Kailey, "Yours" tells the story of an "amazing" woman who helped a man change for the better.

"It's mainly just about, 'You make me better than I was before,'" Dickerson explains to Taste of Country. "Her making me a better man [from] who I was before and who I am now that we've been married."

While the song's lyrics like "I came to life when I first kissed you / The best me has his arms around you / You make me better than I was before / Thank God I'm yours" resonated with his wife, Dickerson reveals that its impact has reached far beyond his expectations.

"The craziest thing for me is probably when people have their wedding song picked out already and then they discover 'Yours' and they change their wedding song," he admits, saying he believes the "realness" of the song is what listeners gravitate to. "The song that's probably meant so much to them for so long, and then my song comes along, and it just strikes a chord with them so deep. It means so much that they changed their wedding song, so it's been a cool thing to just to see the response and just to share that together."

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While Kailey's love was the main inspiration for the track, Dickerson adds that some of his favorite love songs played a role too, citing Shania Twain's "You're Still the One" and "She's My Kind of Rain."

"I love that song," Dickerson says of the Tim McGraw hit.

The video for "Yours," which has more than 2 million views, features black and white shots of Dickerson walking in the middle of the road in between kisses with his wife, complete with (unplanned) lightning strikes in the background. The singer reveals that Kailey was entirely responsible for the video, along with many aspects of his career. "It's funny how many titles she has," he says of his wife, who does everything from videography and editing to selling merchandise and driving the van, "all while being an amazing wife as well."

Dickerson is currently on tour with Thomas Rhett, Kelsea Ballerini and Ryan Hurd  for Rhett's headlining Home Team Tour.

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