Russell Dickerson's debut single "Yours" is a humble love song that grows into a powerful wedding anthem. The country newcomer is able to showcase the power of his vocals, as well as his songwriting skills with this new ballad.

Inspired by Dickerson's wife Kailey, "Yours" introduces the artist's progressive sound in a very traditional way. The arrangement is Keith Urban-esque, but the singer is a more forceful singer, flexing his muscles through each chorus before a climactic final push to the end.

It's common for newcomers to stretch to fill every inch of a song with him or herself, thereby suffocating the message. Dickerson avoids this with "Yours," giving his emotions plenty of room to rattle around. There's even a guitar solo, something nearly unheard of on country radio. Strong lyrics and a professional approach round out a great vocal performance.

Did You Know?: The video for Russell Dickerson's "Yours" was shot by his wife on a $6 budget.

Listen to Russell Dickerson, "Yours" 

Russell Dickerson's "Yours" Lyrics:

I was a boat stuck in a bottle / That never got the chance to touch the sea / Just forgot on the shelf / No wind in the sails / Going nowhere with no one but me / I was one in one-hundred billion / A burned out star in a galaxy / Just lost in the sky wondering why / Everyone else shines out but me.

But I came to life when I first kissed you / The best me has his arms around you / You make me better than I was before / Thank God I'm yours.

I was a worn out set of shoes / Wandering the city street / Another face in the crowd / Head looking down / Lost in the sound of a lonely melody / Empty pockets in a roulette / Always landing on a lost bet / Just live for the spin and hope for the win / Go all in just to lose again.

The worst me is just a long gone memory / You put a new heartbeat inside of me / You make me better than I was before / Thank God I'm yours.

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