Sam Hunt's "23" is a reminder that, no matter how a relationship ends, it's time you'll never get back. It's upbeat, but wistful.

"No matter where I go / No matter what I do / I'll never be 23 with anyone but you," Hunt sings to someone from his past, reminiscing about trips to New Orleans and Folly Beach, and being "in between real love and real life." His nostalgia comes from a place of love, respect and gratitude — there's no bitterness here.

I really hope you’re happy now," Hunt sings. "I'm really glad I knew you then."

Hunt co-wrote "23" with Chris La Corte — who also produced the song — Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Hunt first offered fans a taste of "23" about a year ago, in July 2020, when he shared an acoustic performance of the song for a special on the SiriusXM channel The Highway.

"23" is Hunt's first new music since he dropped his much-anticipated sophomore album, Southside, in April of 2020. He's not yet announced plans for a full new record, but this song is an official country radio single.

Did You Know?: Hunt's Southside album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. The chart-topping "Kinfolks" was the album's first single, followed by "Hard to Forget."

Sam Hunt's "23" Lyrics:

You can marry an architect / Build you a house out on the water / That really impresses your father / And you can find some grown up friends / And drink some wine in California / But even if you cut it shorter ...


You’ll always have long blond hair / You’ll always be Memphis queen / You’ll always be my first time in New Orleans ...


No matter where I go, no matter what I do / I’ll never be 23 with anyone but you / You can marry who you want / Go back to Tennessee / But you’ll never be 23 with anyone but me ...


We’ll always have Folly Beach / We’ll always have delta nights / We’ll always be in between real love and real life ...

You can ride the train to work / Straighten out your accent in the city / Like your folks ain’t from Mississippi / You probably got an office view / Wearing those skirts you always hated / Yeah, you’re so sophisticated / But I bet you when you drink too much / I bet you’re thinking 'bout back when / I really hope you’re happy now / I'm really glad I knew you then ...

Repeat Chorus and Post-Chorus

You’ll always have your first last name / Standing in that July rain / Telling me your mind is changed / But in my mind, you’re still the same ...

Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus

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