Breaking up is hard to do and Sam Hunt's music video for "Break Up in a Small Town" proves just how hard the process can be. During the intense music video, a bearded Hunt sets a small house on fire to try and "move or move on."

Hunt is sitting on the front stoop, singing to the camera about a girl he's recently broken up with who has already moved on. The two live in a small town, and it's impossible to avoid seeing her and her new lover. As Hunt crosses a street, the girl is in her car at a red light. The two pretend they don't see one another as the music's intensity (and Hunt's impressive acting skills) build.

Hunt's ex-girlfriend in the video is a brunette with a blurry face. Despite seeing her in scene after scene, we never really know what she looks like. Her eyes are blurred out as she kisses her new man and unknowingly taunts Hunt.

The heartache, and memories, become too much for the ex-football player so he sets a house on fire in an effort to move on from it all. He looks like an action hero as he slowly exits the house while it's in flames. Once he exits, he runs down the street from the flames which have now engulfed the home and a nearby car.

Check out the entire video, which Hunt recently described as "cool" (since he got to do some pyro), for "Break Up in a Small Town" above.

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