Sara Evans has a popular single in 'Slow Me Down,' but that doesn't mean she's slowing down -- not one bit. The singer is working to rebrand with a new and fresh sound, while still keeping true to what fans are used to hearing from her.

Evans' newest single has seen great success -- it had the biggest debut week for any single in her career. "There is something that's grabbing people about it," she tells Taste of Country/Clay Moden of WYRK.

A breakup song will certainly do that, but Evans also attributes her strong following to a focused rebranding.

"My goal every time I go in the studio to make a new record is to challenge myself a little bit more, to try to have the newest and freshest sound, but still the Sara Evans sound," relays the songstress. "By that I mean my music has always had the same vocal sound ... I love a ton of guitar and there's just this ... sound."

It's a sound that can only be known as the 'Sara Evans sound,' and it's heartening to know that the singer won't stray from it completely. Hopefully, the 42-year-old's sound will continue to get 'a little bit stronger' with her innovative and fresh ideas, but will forever be characterized by her signature powerhouse vocals.