This week, Sara Evans' latest novel titled 'Love Lifted Me' is available. Like her previous two books, 'Love Lifted Me' was written by Evans, along with co-writer Rachel Hauck. The book is the third novel in Evans' Songbird Series. The first two novels -- 'The Sweet By and By' and 'Softly and Tenderly' -- were released in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

This new third installment in the series continues the storyline of husband and wife Max and Jade, but also works well as a stand-alone novel for those new to the books.

The new novel is based around the lead character, Jade Benson, who feels she can never really trust her husband, Max, again. Max cheated on Jade with her best friend, Rose, and fathered a baby as a result from the affair. Rose goes on to die in a tragic airplane accident, and Max brings the young toddler into their home to live.

Two-year-old Asa quickly becomes the brightest spot in Jade’s life. Despite how the boy was brought into the world, Jade loves her husband's son as if he was her own child. However, the rug gets pulled out from under Jade once again when she finds out that Max really isn’t Asa’s dad, and the biological father is well aware of the situation. Jade has survived infidelity, miscarriage, and major damage to her shop by an out-of-control car, but losing Asa could very well be the thing that destroys her.

'Love Lifted Me,' as well as Evans' previous two novels, can be ordered through Amazon.