Sara Evans faces heartbreak in her "Marquee Sign" video.

Evans plays two versions of herself in the dynamic video, one down and out over an unfaithful lover and another a strong, confident woman rising from her sorrow. The video opens with heartbroken Evans, sitting alone a table in a bar, letting the smoke from her cigarette fill the air around her as she sings, "I wish you were a pack of cigarettes / Cause you would of come with a warning / Before I let you steal my breath / I would have known how bad you were for me."

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Things get especially somber as guys in the bar can be seen wearing shirts that read dark phrases like "I will break your heart," "I cannot be trusted" and "I will abuse you," reflecting the song's lyrics about people hiding "what they're made of." But through the pain she gets her groove back, singing and dancing in the street under the neon light of a marquee theatre sign, looking fierce in a sparkly black one piece and flashy teal heels.

"Marquee Sign" is featured on Evans' 2017 album Words and includes backup vocals from her daughter, Olivia. The project reached No. 4 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. "I think the main thing is that these songs go deep lyrically. I think the musicians brought their A game, and they gave me an album that is, I keep calling it the album of my lifetime," Evans tells Taste of Country about the album. "I think it’s one of my best of all of them. It’s like there was a vibe in the studio that these musicians were like, ‘Oh, thank God.’ This has been such a great record to make, and they really enjoyed it."

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