Lately, it seems that Sara Evans has been glowing more and more with each passing day. Besides having a red-hot career, Evans' personal life has her over the moon with joy since marrying former Alabama football quarterback and current Birmingham radio personality, Jay Barker, in June of 2008. When combining lives with Barker, the singer's household increased from having only three children to now having a total of seven. But have Evans and her husband ever considered expanding to have a baby of their own?

"Oh, yeah! We talk about that all the time. We would love it, and I'm only 25, so we have plenty of time," Evans, who's actually 40, jokes to Taste of Country with a smile. "He's so cute ... I have to make a baby with him, but [not anytime] soon. I'm enjoying [my career] right now. I don't want to slow down for any reason right now."

Evans says the biggest challenge with such a full household is just staying organized and being involved with as many activities as possible.

"Now that [my kids are] older (ages 11, 8 and 6), it's a little bit more difficult to juggle because they have stuff with school and sports," Evans says. "Two of my children are very involved with athletics, so I have to do a lot more careful planning so that I don't miss their games. We call ourselves 'The Barker Bunch' -- like 'The Brady Bunch' -- and we have ourselves an 'Alice' who is in our house every day from 9-5. Her job is to help us organize.

"I live with a calendar strapped to my butt," Evans says. "Seriously, I never go anywhere without my calendar, because I have to make sure I don't miss anything. Like my son, Avery, he's playing All-Stars ... that's been a huge challenge to juggle and not miss any of his games. Thankfully I'm only missed a few of the whole season. That's the biggest challenge, because they have lives, and they can't just leave everything and go on the road with me all the time."

Evans touring schedule is set to pick up quite a bit this summer, as she heads out on the road with Rascal Flatts on their 2011 Flatts Fest, along with special guests Justin Moore and Easton Corbin. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour is stopping.

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