Sara Evans is anxious to come back 'Stronger' than ever with her new album -- her first studio album in over five years. Evans chatted with Taste of Country about what's up in 2011, the 10thh anniversary of 'Born to Fly' and the impression that she's hopeful 'Stronger' will make.

'Stronger' hits shelves on March 8, 2011 -- five-and-a-half years after Evans' last studio album, 'Real Fine Place,' and three-and-a-half years since her 2007 compilation record, 'Greatest Hits' -- and Evans says that she hopes her fans will be able to feel the hard work that went in to the new release. "I just hope that they put it in, and they're just like 'Oh, that's a great song. Oh, this is great too! And this one too!' she tells Taste of Country. "I mean, that's always my goal when I put an album together, is that every single song serves a purpose."

"You know, you need this, and you need this sad song -- and that's one of the reasons that it takes me a while to make a record, it's because I'm searching for the songs," Evans adds, stressing that each song is a strong one. "I don't just like fillers, and I never put a filler on a record. I mean, I want every song on every album that I do to be a potential single."

The 'Born to Fly' singer had a strong hand in the making of 'Stronger,' as she co-wrote six songs. Despite her scheduled writing process, Evans says that the way creativity flows is indescribable. "My writing process is very scheduled as far as having people come down to Birmingham -- and we start at 10 o'clock. It's kind of the typical Nashville process, but I do keep a lot of titles and ideas and stuff in a notebook, or, if they brought something," she says. "But you just kind of get together and you start talking and just start creating. It's weird."

'Stronger' features Evans' latest hit single, 'A Little Bit Stronger,' as well as a redone bluegrass-style version of her claim-to-fame hit, 'Born to Fly.' Her 2000 album with the same name went double platinum, and Evans figured it was worth a tip of the hat to the song that gave her a place in country music. "It was the 10-year anniversary of when 'Born to Fly' went No. 1," she tells Taste of Country. "That song changed my career -- forever. I wanted to just celebrate that and give it a little tribute."

2011 is off to a pretty good start for the mother of seven. Evans will perform at 'Good Morning America''s Winter Concert Series on March 9 and will headline the ACM Concerts at Fremont Street Experience in Vegas in April -- but she's most anticipating getting her career on track. Evans says she's looking forward to "getting the album out, and having the career running again the way that I'm accustomed to it running, in terms of having a hit song on the radio, and selling records and doing shows, and you know, just what I've been used to for the past 12 years or so." She adds, "I'm going on tour with Rascal Flatts, and I'm really excited about that. We're gonna do between 30 and 40 dates with them."

Above all else, Evans says she's confident in her ability to have staying power, because she's got one really important talent that sets her apart: her voice. "I think that at the end of the day it's different than other singers, so I think people always kind of recognize it and they feel like I'm an old friend coming to visit," she admits. "I think they're accustomed to hearing me on country radio -- it's kind of like being used to hearing Brad Paisley, or Kenny [Chesney]."

"I think that there's just a place for whatever it is that people like to hear in my voice or in my music," Evans adds, revealing that country is her home. "To me, that's so great because it makes me feel like I belong in country music, and I have a home here, and that I'll always have a home here."