When Scotty McCreery is out on the road, he turns to the next best thing he can find to home cooking. Judging by the commercials McCreery has recorded for Bojangles this year, he finds himself waiting at the Bojangles drive-through window quite a bit.

McCreery appears in two new commercials for the southern-themed fast food joint in 2013. In one, the 'Water Tower Town' hitmaker is being interviewed on his tour bus.

"When I'm on the road, I love it. I love getting out there and playing for fans. But I do miss my family and I miss my friends. I miss the food," he says.

Just when you think the young star is about to wax poetic about his mom's home cooking, he turns the conversation to Bojangles.

"[I miss} Bojangles ... that perfectly-seasoned chicken and made-from-scratch biscuits and legendary sweet tea" he adds. "It's tough being away from that."

Just then, McCreery's tour bus drives past 'his' childhood home, and he stops at Bojangles for fried chicken -- before going home to see his family.

The other 2013 ad spot takes place in a recording studio after a long day of laying down tracks. Someone brings in a bag from Bojangles and McCreery tears into not one but two meals. Since the fast food joint serves breakfast all day, the country singer eats a breakfast meal and a lunch meal.

"I call it brunch," he jokes.

Judging by the 19-year-old singer's jam-packed tour schedule, this is going to be the summer of Bojangles. McCreery is burning up the highway almost every weekend until November on his 2013 Weekend Road Trip Tour.

Watch a 2013 Scotty McCreery Bojangles Commercial