Scotty McCreery made a big Christmas wish come true for one of his fans in the audience of the 'CMA Country Christmas' special.

The fan, dressed in a black cocktail dress, was visibly nervous as hostess Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland greeted her in the audience and noted she had heard of her admiration for the 'American Idol' champion. The fan's responses were almost inaudible, but her smile was bright when McCreery walked up the aisle behind where she sat in the audience, perched on the arm of her chair to greet her briefly but warmly.

Then McCreery quickly took the stage. Dressed in a black outfit (including a black jacket) and wearing a contemporary silver cross, McCreery sang 'The First Noel' as the cameras cut to the audience -- specifically Nettles and the fan -- who were smiling broadly as he sang.

Watch Scotty McCreery SIng 'The First Noel' on 'CMA Country Christmas'

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