Rising star Scotty McCreery is a busy man these days, what with working on a new album, attending college and touring. In a new interview, the former 'American Idol' champion confesses that his busy schedule makes it hard to find time for dating.

McCreery called in to Broadway's Electric Barnyard radio show on Country 92.5 on Tuesday (March 19) to talk about everything he's got going on, and (of course) the topic turned to his dating life. The young entertainer remained elusive about whether he's dating anyone specific when the hosts asked about his relationship with Gabi Dugal, a longtime friend. "She's a great friend," he replied. "She's one of those girls that I've known since kindergarten."

As for fellow 'Idol' alumnus Lauren Alaina, McCreery revealed, "We stay in contact some, but it's one of those things where we're both off in our own little world now, touring and doing different things."

The singer said his life right now just doesn't make it easy to try to date anyone. "The dating life on the road, it's a tough thing to get around," he admitted. "It's tough to even work out anything."

So for now, it looks like McCreery will have to settle for a few friendly rounds of golf with friends -- and a possible trip to space, if he has his way.

Listen to Scotty McCreery on 'Broadway's Electric Barnyard'