Scotty McCreery has long had a supportive fanbase, and they proved their devotion to the star by sending him thoughtful wedding presents.

The American Idol winner tells Taste of Country that he and wife Gabi were registered at popular wedding stores Bed Bath & Beyond and Target, and a group of fans decided to take it upon themselves to purchase one of McCreery's now-favorite household items.

"I think my favorite gift is a Roomba, a little vacuum that goes by itself like a robot," he chuckles. "[Gabi is] working, she's a nurse, and I'm on the road, and so the thing keeps the house clean. That thing's been great. I think about five or 10 fans went in together and got that for us. It was really nice. They got us a lot of cool stuff."

But the kind gesture didn't stop there, as they supplied him with a variety of necessary household objects such as cutting boards, a clock, and plates and bowls—all monogrammed with his name. "We got a lot of personal stuff. If you walk into our house, you will have no doubt about who lives there," McCreery confirms.

"Everybody got us personalized stuff, and it's all really nice stuff, but you're not going to wonder who lives in the house," he laughs.

The "Five More Minutes" singer wed Gabi in a ceremony in their home state of North Carolina on June 16. The music video for his latest single "This Is It" is composed of a series of clips from the wedding day, capturing special moments such as when he saw her for the first time in her gown and the emotion he felt watching her walk down the aisle.

McCreery is set to hit the road with Jimmie Allen and Heather Morgan on his headlining Seasons Change Tour throughout the end of 2018 and into January of 2019.

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