Scotty McCreery's life is defined by numbers right now. Several tens of millions of fans voted for him as Season 10's 'American Idol,' meaning he placed first. Now, his debut single 'I Love You This Big' is making its way up the Billboard radio charts by leaps and bounds. The song has landed at No. 25 on the Hot Country Songs Chart.

Only 24 more slots to go before McCreery lands at No. 1. We can dream, right?  The song has heat and 'Idol' fans are lovin' it.

That, coupled with McCreery's post-'Idol' media blitz, are key factors in extending the life and radio health of the song. But McCreery is not stopping there, folks. He has a bunch of promotional events planned that will help 'I Love You This Big' balloon even further.

McCreery will perform on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' this evening, which should further arouse interest in the song and push it further up the charts and onto airwaves. The American Idols Live Tour kicks off on July 6 in Salt Lake City and runs through September, increasing McCreery's visibility even more. He will spend his summer vacation supporting his first single; what a life!

Even though he is a newbie on the charts, McCreery would very well make it to the top with this song. He was a dark horse on 'Idol' during the audition phase, and look where he ended up and where he is now.